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    Look into your future! There's no problem too big or small a third-generation psychic medium can't solve.
    Readings are done in the privacy of my own home in Los Angeles, CA, surrounded with quiet and peace. Restore broken love, reunite loved ones, and get help if you're at a crossroad.
    Psychic Readings by May, love expert, stay private and confidential. Correct - or reveal - mishaps. Take the knowledge you receive and improve your life.
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Our Services

Fortune Teller

Psychic Readings by May - Love Expert loves to look into the future and find the good a person will experience when people need a fortune teller. Nothing will stay hidden from my talent and experience as a psychic medium.

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Palm Reading

A palm reading reveals your destiny and future, and Psychic Readings by May - Love Expert can interpret even the most puzzling palms. Get psychic readings that will really help when you visit our Los Angeles location.

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Psychic Medium

Reach out to departed loved ones and hear the voices of those who have passed when you contact Psychic Readings by May - Love Expert for psychic medium services. Experience the thrill of a seance when you employ a trained and experienced psychic - you'll never forget what happens!

Tarot card readings
Tarot Card Readings

What future do the cards contain? At Psychic Readings by May - Love Expert, learn about yourself and your next steps with a helpful tarot card reading. A deck of cards in the hand of a real psychic is a powerful tool, so don't wait to find out what's coming for you.

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